UV Curing Lamp for DIY PCB Solder Mask

UV_Curing_In ActionOne of the downsides of home-made CNC printed circuit boards is that a lot of the copper cladding remains and can lead to short circuits when solder strays onto the common waste area outside the formed tracks. Also, after a while it tarnishes and does not look great.

One solution to both these problems is to apply a solder mask over everything that is not meant to have solder on it, similar to professionally made boards.

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MAX7219 and LED matrix power requirements

Parola_ModuleA recurring question is how much current Parola (and similar) modules use, and can how many can be directly powered from the Arduino 5V power supply. The answer is that it depends – but on what, exactly?

I thought I would try an experiment and actually measure the current usage and answer the question to my satisfaction. I used my Parola module (forum discussion) as the test device, but this is similar to the more generic modules and I believe the results are transferable.

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