Finding Zero

Finding_ZeroAnyone who uses a CNC machine eventually realizes the importance of the Zero point. This usually happens when something goes wrong during a machining cycle, the machine needs to be reset and the current zero is lost. Fruitlessly searching for a lost zero prompted me to develop a repeatable process for finding the same zero time after time. Here’s how I do it.

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Haberdasher’s Puzzle

Haberdasher puzzle squareThe Haberdasher’s puzzle is a simple 4 piece puzzle whose parts can be assembled into a square or an equilateral triangle. Solving the puzzle is easy, but for me the beauty is in the geometric dissection used to make the parts.

A long time ago I made one of these using a ruler and compass. Now I have a CNC, I was interested to see how well a CAD drawn and machine cut set could fit together.

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ShapeOko Working Light

CNC Light onWhen machining using the ShapeOko I find that I often needed to use a torch to more clearly see what is happening the cutting area. So I decided to create a permanent LED installation with a remote switch to solve the problem.

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Project Front Panel

Faceplate mock-upMy electronics based projects most often end up in a box of some sort. with related knobs, LEDs or displays showing on a front panel. Over the years I have tried a number of different ways to make these panels look nice, and I think I have finally found a method that looks professional and I am happy with. Continue reading “Project Front Panel”