Hardware General Icon SmallThis blog is about Arduino and CNC related stuff – hardware, software, algorithms and whatever else I may find interesting…

Why another blog about Arduino related stuff?

I would like to add some rigor to explanations of what and why. Much of the information about Arduino related topics is published by ‘newbies’ who just pick it up as they go along, in the spirit of Arduino. A lot of what I read has no ‘science’ behind it – it works by trial and error – and is not necessarily based on an understanding of Computer Science or Engineering principles.

I’ll be covering topics and projects that are interesting to me. This will mean that by definition the scope will be restricted, but hopefully still of interest to a wider audience.

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Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing libraries. In the project I’m working now I use three of them… So thank you!!!


As the blog article says:
“In MD_MAX72xx prior to version 3.0.0, the type of module being used for the library is defined by editing the appropriate #define in the MD_MAX72xx header file. For most users, this will be the only action necessary.

From version 3.0.0 onwards, the module type is specified in the application as one of the parameters to the class constructor. This eliminates the need to edit the library header file for the different module types.”


#define MAX_DEVICES 11
#define CLK_PIN 13 // or SCK
#define DATA_PIN 11 // or MOSI
#define CS_PIN 10 // or SS

// SPI hardware interface

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Hi marco i really apriciate your librairies but i have a problem . the problem is that when i write the text that iwant the 7219 to show the word is getting mixed up and written i a mirror effect
i really need an answer as soo as possible . thanks in advance


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