An RTTTL Parser Class

Ring Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) was developed by Nokia in the 1980’s as a format and mechanism to manage ringtones on cell phones. As Nokia was leader brand at the time, this method was quickly adopted by many other manufacturers and became the de-facto standard for ringtones.

As cell phone hardware became more capable, the use of RTTTL has diminished in favour of more advanced sound production – today most ringtones are simply ordinary sound files. RTTTL files, however, are still useful in may applications.

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A simple Command Line Interface (CLI)

When developing libraries and other complex applications, I find that I often need to exercise specific parts of the library/application as it is being developed.

One way to do this is to write specific test code to exercise functionality. Another is to provide an interactive command line interface to achieve the same.

Until recently I hard coded these testing code CLI for each application. I now have a simple class that enables a flexible and consistent CLI.

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