Arduino Parola software

Parola A to Z – Vertical Displays

Parola_Vert_signVertical LED dot displays are not a common requirement, but they can be created using the standard library with a few tweaks to the software.

As I get questions about vertical displays from time to time, I will cover the basic process of how this is done in this short article.

The first thing to realize is that the display is still the same sequential series of modules, just in a different physical orientation. So, in principle, the same unchanged code and animations will work with a few mental adjustments around left/right becoming up/down.

What does need to change is the font definition for the displayed text. Each displayed character needs to be rotated 90° as they now need to be read a vertical orientation.


A previous article explains the tools for editing the font definition file. FontBuilder makes it easy (albeit tedious!) to rotate each standard font character to create the new rotated font. The new font also needs slight adjustment to center the characters in the vertical column. Some characters also look better resized to take advantage of the extra space.

That’s all there is to it. A version of the rotated font file and software showing how it is used is demonstrated in the Scrolling_Vertical example of the Parola distribution.



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