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MAX7219 LED Matrix Module Micro Word Clock

WordClockA Word Clock is a clock that tells the time using words.

In an era when super-accurate digital clocks are available to most people on the planet, it intrigues me that Word Clocks have a place as they only show the time to the nearest five minutes!

Building one has been on my project to-do list for a while, but I didn’t want to invest the time and money needed for the various ‘from scratch’ build projects that I found online.

Arduino hardware software

Adaptive User Input with a Rotary Encoder

rotary_encoderI like using rotary encoders for user input as they can provide very precise control over settings. The built-in switch is also very convenient and makes it easy to implement the push button functionality I described in a previous post. Altogether, rotary encoders have a ‘modern’ feel that makes projects seem more professional.

There is one shortcoming of these devices, though, that I have recently worked to overcome.

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Switches as User Input Devices

KeySwitchThe humble switch is one of the major ways that users can interact with Arduino based code. Often the input comes from some variation of the momentary-on push switch, like the tact switch on the left, connected to an input on the microcontroller.

Users of modern GUIs will be familiar with being able to express themselves through a keyboard and a mouse. So user interface elements like double-clicks, long clicks and keyboard auto-repeat are familiar.

However, a lot of microcontroller code simply restricts the use of these switches to on/off functionality. Arduino programmers often don’t understand how to provide more features, even though a single switch can be made to do much more for a user.