Having Fun

I enjoy writing libraries for the Arduino that other people can use to make their life easier. A few thousand downloads of the Parola library means that I get a lot of feedback on LED matrices. What is really interesting is being shown how ‘my baby’ is being used around the world!

Here is a varied collection of some of the hardware and software applications that I know about.

Going for a record for the length of Parola message matrix modules strung together and jumbo size version of the hardware.

Here is a Russian entry. Not really sure what they are saying, but they clearly liked my choice of music and the code definitely follows one of my library examples!

Parola_FVM_SignFrom Vancouver, an enterprising Canadian MakerSpace member created a sign from multiple LED matrix modules and the Parola library. Apparently people thought this was a commercial product rather than ‘Maker’ made 🙂

Parola ClockSame person made a number of full-feature clocks with build details. Clocks are controlled via Bluetooth connection.

A commercial enterprise ( makes well-priced modules that are compatible with the original hardware design.

Thanks to all – you make this fun!

Update 26 September 2015

A double height display. This is a great example of a library being an enabler for others to build on. Double height display is something that is often requested on the forum!

A Polish entry showing off hardware running the Parola software.

Jollifactory ParolaJollifactory in Singapore modified their hardware to create a dual color display using the Time Message  example from the Parola library (their instructable is here).



Update 8 April 2017

A tutorial video on how to install the library and modify the header file, in Spanish, and a Parola library review in Russian.

3D printed display using 5 modules, laser cutting an the library.  Video of it operating here – looks nice with a clean design!

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