Device Independent Control for LED Cubes

LED Cube 8x8x8

LED cubes are fascinating. The allure of blinking LEDs in various patterns is always attractive and mesmerizing. Like many Arduino fans there came a point when I decided I would try my hand at one (or two, as it turned out).

Whilst they look complex, they are, in principle, relatively straightforward from an electronics and software perspective. Making the cube can be challenging, but by using jigs and patience, this becomes more of a chore than a challenge! Continue reading “Device Independent Control for LED Cubes”

A Pleasant Surprise

ZS-042 Module
ZS-042 Module

I recently ordered a DS3231 Real Time Clock module so that I could complete a new Arduino library. The module shown in the photo (ZS-042) was used to test the new library’s functionality. The larger chip is the RTC, but I was curious about the ‘other’ smaller chip that was on the module.

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