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Haberdasher’s Puzzle

Haberdasher puzzle squareThe Haberdasher’s puzzle is a simple 4 piece puzzle whose parts can be assembled into a square or an equilateral triangle. Solving the puzzle is easy, but for me the beauty is in the geometric dissection used to make the parts.

A long time ago I made one of these using a ruler and compass. Now I have a CNC, I was interested to see how well a CAD drawn and machine cut set could fit together.

Haberdasher MadeThere are many internet references for this puzzle, one I find useful is here.
This turned out to be a very quick 1 hour project:

  • I used the second dissection described at the link above to create a CAD outline of the parts.
  • Then I imported this into Cut 2D and traced the CNC paths from that outline.
  • Finally, I cut the parts from 3mm MDF.

A little sanding and it was all done! The parts fit together really well and I can see making a few more of these as gifts using a nicely figured timber.

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