CNC hardware ShapeOko

ShapeOko Working Light

CNC Light onWhen machining using the ShapeOko I find that I often needed to use a torch to more clearly see what is happening the cutting area. So I decided to create a permanent LED installation with a remote switch to solve the problem.

I wanted to create a ring of light around the base of the collet on my quiet spindle motor, so that the entire work area under the tool would be brightly lit. The light was sourced on eBay and is a 12V LED ring meant for cars. They come in various diameters and the one that suited this application was 60mm.

LED Light for ShapeOko
Click to enlarge
The design for the device was modeled on dust shoe designs I have seen on the internet. The LED ring sits in a shallow groove around a hole that is a jam fit onto the quiet spindle. I included a hole for a vacuum hose and embedded several strong magnets that can be used to attach a lower matching shoe for future accessories.

CNC light complete
Click to emlarge
The design was machined on the ShapeOko from ¼” acrylic sheet (Perspex) and cleaned up with a file and sandpaper. The LED ring and magnets were epoxied in place. The fit around the quiet spindle was fined tuned with black electrical tape so that it is really tight but still removable.

CNC light connections
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An in-line wiring connector allows the shoe to be removed. The 12V supply comes though a manual switch located at the side of the machine, although I find the light is on most of the time while the CNC is on.

All in all, a quick project that has achieved its aims, allowing me to see what is happening much more easily than before.

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