Haberdasher’s Puzzle

Haberdasher puzzle squareThe Haberdasher’s puzzle is a simple 4 piece puzzle whose parts can be assembled into a square or an equilateral triangle. Solving the puzzle is easy, but for me the beauty is in the geometric dissection used to make the parts.

A long time ago I made one of these using a ruler and compass. Now I have a CNC, I was interested to see how well a CAD drawn and machine cut set could fit together.

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TCS230/TCS3200 Sensor Calibration

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The TCS230 (and equivalent TCS3200) sensor can be easily purchased mounted on any number of inexpensive breakout boards, similar in design to that shown in the photo. These boards extend the package connections to header pins, and integrate LEDs for illumination of the target object. These sensors work well to recognize color but they need to be calibrated. An Arduino library for this sensor can be found at my Arduino Library site and elsewhere. Continue reading “TCS230/TCS3200 Sensor Calibration”

ShapeOko Working Light

CNC Light onWhen machining using the ShapeOko I find that I often needed to use a torch to more clearly see what is happening the cutting area. So I decided to create a permanent LED installation with a remote switch to solve the problem.

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Project Front Panel

Faceplate mock-upMy electronics based projects most often end up in a box of some sort. with related knobs, LEDs or displays showing on a front panel. Over the years I have tried a number of different ways to make these panels look nice, and I think I have finally found a method that looks professional and I am happy with. Continue reading “Project Front Panel”